Thursday, October 18, 2012

Monsanto Bombards California with Lies about Prop. 37

Starting on Oct. 1st, Monsanto and friends began airing TV commercials in California to spread pure lies about Prop. 37, the fight to label GMO foods. The lies say that it will increase costs for consumers, clog the courts with frivolous lawsuits, make for "confusing" labels, and bring "nightmares of paperwork" to poor farmers and grocers.

None of this is true.  There is already a standard for labeling food (obviously) that has been understood and effective for all food producers and grocers for decades.  Prop 37 will simply require that ingredients that are GM (genetically modified) be labeled as such.

So who do you believe? Will it drive consumers into bankruptcy if food distributors have to include the two letters "GM" on an ingredient label that's already being printed? Will you, the evidently "brainless" consumer, be overly confused between the words "corn" and "GM corn?"

Prop 37 had a 26% lead in the polls before the ads started to appear, and a new poll today shows that our lead has dropped by 19%.

So what does this mean? The deceitful, shameless television commercials are working!  The only way to fight back is GRASSROOTS action. Monsanto has $36 Million dollars set aside to defeat Prop. 37.  We will never have that much money, but we do have the power to make sure the people we know are informed about these lies and the simplicity of our goal.  Regardless of any push-back you receive, remember to ask this simple question:


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