Thursday, October 25, 2012

Something is Buzzing in Fremont

Peter Nolte manages his hives on the roof of Savage Color Printing in Fremont.

There's nothing we love more than supporting local businesses, especially when their employees are doing something to give back to the community.  That's exactly what Peter Nolte at Savage Color Printing in Fremont ( is doing.

When he discovered that his office building had a large, accessible rooftop, he inquired about establishing beehives so he could easily care for them when needed.  He was given the go-ahead and now hosts four active hives.  With the rapid decline in bee populations, and the desperate need for more pollinator pathways, using a commercial roof to host bees is a very good use of otherwise abandoned space.

Peter is an apiary manager with the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association ( which exists to promote the common interest and general welfare of beekeeping, to protect honeybees, to educate beekeepers, encourage good bee management practices, and to encourage good public relations between beekeepers and the public. There are also opportunities to host hives at your house or business if you have space.  If anybody is interested in hosting a beehive, please contact Peter for more information at peter at

I should also mention that we had some printing done at Savage Color. The service was personalized, fast and friendly.  The products look great, and the price was excellent! We will use them in the future, and we were not compensated in any way for this plug. :-)

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