Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gift Locally this Season

Why Gift Local?

Shipping locally to those who are gifting locally.

#1: "It's the economy, _____"

Because every dollar spent at a local independent business generates three times more income, wealth, and jobs than a dollar spent at a national chain. And that’s good for Seattle.

#2: Keep Seattle...Seattle!

Local independent businesses give our city its unique personality and its vibrancy, making this an incredible and interesting place to live.

#3: Lasting Prosperity

Because a healthy, locally owned economy is resilient! And a resilient economy creates meaningful jobs and a more secure future.

#4: We're in this Together

Because we believe that when our friends and neighbors do well, we’re all better off.

#5: Relationships Matter

Because nothing is more sparkly for the holidays than a sense that we are working as community for a shared prosperity in the place we call home.

#6: Perks!

Dozens of local independent businesses want to thank you for making the pledge this holiday...see a partial list of what they're offering here.

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